Option Bot 2.0 Review – is this any good or Scam?


You are on this blog post because you want to learn more about this latest signal service to hit the marketplace…

You are here because you are tired of buying these so called “Signal services” only to find out you have been scammed with no results to show for it.

Well, in this Option Bot 2.0 review, I am going to reveal to you everything you need so you can make the right decision to go with this signal service or not…

Pay attention and read this blog post all the way to the end…

…It could save you a ton of frustration or worse, money lost!

Options Bot 2.0 Review – Background check


The Option Bot is the brain child of a man named Gary Davies who launched the first version back in 2008.  To be honest, the reviews were mostly positive.

It became popular vary fast and a lot of traders start using it and still use the original one to this day.

I was trying to look up any negative reviews on Gary Davies and I couldn’t find any on Google, which is a great thing.

So now that Options Bot 2.0 passed the back ground check… Let’s find out what’s new about it.

Option Bot 2.0 – The Product


If you didn’t know this already, Options Bot is a signal service software that is based on a trading algorithms to make sure you have successful trades.

So what makes Option Bot 2.0 better than the original?

For one thing, live financial feeds are now faster, but still on the ball when it comes to accuracy, this is all due to the new trading methodology which is integral part of the software.

The first version of Option Bot was a little bit of a pain to install, but they have corrected the problem by making it easier to understand, easier to install and much more user friendly overall.

Customer Support – Very important read this…

When it comes to customer support, I have to say Option Bot 2.0 pulled it off nicely.  Unlike a lot of software’s out there, you won’t be left in the dark…

They have 24/7 email support, they also offer LIVE chat to non-members and even phone support.  The staff are not some rookies either, they have very knowledgeable and friendly to deal with.

Cost Of Option Bot 2.0

The Option Bot 2.0 is a pretty small investment considering what kind of results you will get.  There is a one-time license fee of $97.

There are no additional fee’s or monthly charges either.  Only requirement is that you use their trading accounts directly from the software itself for optimal results.

This is a bargain if you think about it…

All the other software you have to pay a monthly fee and to use it, you must be active.

Option Bot 2.0 Review – The Final Verdict

I have tested many software’s before and I always noticed they all perform well when it comes to accuracy of the signal service, but many of them always have issues when it comes to their SMS alerting system and sometimes the signal is even delayed…

With Option Bot 2.0, is VERY fast and optimized perfectly to work with your broker.   The ONLY down side is you have to pick their brokers through the software because those are the only ones that are in sync.

Option Bot 2.0 always requires you to have 2 to 5 broker accounts for optimal results.

Overall with the great signal services with speed, accuracy and live support, you really can’t go wrong with this software and I highly recommend it…

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I hope you enjoyed our Option Bot 2.0 Review and if you are using this software, please share with us your personal results in the comments below.

Happy Trading,

option bot 2.0

-Jesse Singh & Sean Agnew

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