Auto Binary Signals Review – ABS Legit or a Scam?


Welcome to our Auto Binary Signals review where we are going to reveal the truth about this signal service.  Before we get started, I just want to know we are not affiliated with them in anyway and I will tell you why in this blog post.

There are a lot of companies and services giving the binary options a bad rep and we created this blog so you can do the right research before you decide to buy in…

Pay attention and read this blog post all the way to the end before you make any decisions!

Auto Binary Signals Review – The System


This system is the brain child of Roger Pierce’s who put together a very catchy marketing funnel to suck you in…

You know the one where he is basically tells you that you will make a ton of money without lifting a finger…


Have you ever heard of that before?

I have!

Binary options trading in general is very popular in the marketplace because of many key advantages.  For example, binary options trading is very easy to understand and if you do it right, you can have a nice return on investment…

However, you do it wrong and you can lose all your money.

Autobinarysignals is a software that pretty much tells you when to take the trade and when not too.

There are many many many sites saying that this software is very accurate with a 80-100% leading signal rate.

Many sites also tell you how rewarding it is and great balance and stability.

And many many many of those people claim all of that are AFFILIATES of Auto binary signals!

Want to learn the truth?

The opposite is TRUE!

It’s NOT accurate in fact I have heard HORROR stories of people losing a ton of money because they didn’t do their diligence.

They were sold on the hype and fake Auto Binary Signals review’s out there done by scum bag affiliates!

I could have personally just got the “CLICK BANK” affiliate link and promote it but it’s so unethical!

What is the cost of this Auto Binary Signals Scam?

Trial Price:  $1

Advertised Price:  $97 One-Time

Real Price:  $1 Trial or $57 +  $200 Deposit.

That deposit goes to the broker they choose for you and they make a commissions off of it!

Here is some of the testimonials of the customers who bought into this…

They convinced me to deposit money with a broker, lost my money and now they don’t answer my emails.

The signals are bogus and I know it for a fact since I tried Auto Binary Signals for 3 weeks and got a %45 ITM … later I found that the brokers they work with are a big scam too!

Big waste of time and money! – Sam

Here is another one…

Wish i found your review sooner. I paid $97.00 and deposited $250.00 into one of his recommended platforms and guess what. won nothing and lost everything. Al;l of his signals are bogus and his pro signals are not worth anything.Scammed again. I quit the Internet – Joseph Paul

Auto Binary Signals Scam – YUP It is!

If you read most of my blog posts, they are never negative like this… There are a ton of LEGIT signal services out there like Night Owl Signals where they have LIVE trading sessions with real professionals sending the signals.

I would NEVER trust anything that is “Auto Pilot” and “Make millions in 2 days”.

That is the message AutoBinarySignals is giving out to the people and so many people are falling for it.

I hope you enjoyed my Auto Binary Signals review and if you used this service, please comment below your personal results.

I am sure none of them will be positive…

Happy Trading,

auto binary signals

-Jesse Singh & Sean Agnew


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